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ensive led to power rebalance in northern Syria, experts said.Maintaining troops in the region has become costly for the United States, which contradicts Trump's policy of saving resources for the U.S. domestic economy, a major reason for the withd

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rawal of U.S. army, said Sebnem Udum, associate professor at the Department of International Relations at Hacettepe University in Ankara.Russia is glad to see the retreat of the U.S. forces and serve as a mediator

  • llow us on WechatTurkey and Russia on Tuesday agreed
  • to extend the ceasefire amid the tension
  • in northern Syria, but experts believe that a lasting peace will
  • need further coordination efforts from all partie
  • s.More coordinated efforts needed fo
  • r lasting peace in northern SyriaMore coordinated efforts needed for

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replacing Washington among parties, said Leonid Savin, a Russian geopolitical analyst.The parameters in the East Euphrates have now changed in favor of Russia and Iran, said Serkan Demirtas, a columnist of the Hurriy

et Daily News, a leading news source for Turkey a■nd the region.He said that Moscow is now more decisive than Washington in Turkey's plan to create a "sa

23 -- Turkey

  • sence of foreign forces on Syrian soil, including the Turkish army, will continue to be a hurdle preventing the Syrian army from seizing all its territories, said Omari. DEFUSING TENSIONFurther coordination and efforts from all parties are still neces

    and Russia on Tuesday agre
  • sary to achieve a lasting and ultimate peace in northern Syria.On Tuesday, Russia and Turkey adopted a joint memorandum on the Syrian situation after talks between Putin and Erdogan in Sochi. Moscow and Ankara have agreed to d■eploy Russian and Syrian for

    ed to extend the ceasefire a
  • ces in the zone of the Turkish operation in northern Syria starting from Wednesday, according to the Kremlim.To achieve "lasting and long-term stabilization in Syria as a whole" is possible only subject to th

    mid the tension in nor
thern Syria, but experts b elieve that a lasting peace wi
ing in○to northern Syria, following the White House's statement to withdraw the U.S. troops from there.According to
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